Wilders and Rushdie
Autor: Gabriel A. Levicky | Publikováno: 17.10.2010 | Rubrika: English
Rushdie has become a symbol of how the enemies of our civilization are trying to test our resolve and principles. At the end, their hot fatwa evaporated and Rushdie is free to show up his bearded face at various literary events again.

Nothing seems to make sense anymore in the sea of abundance of information where the good and the evil are becoming more and more overlapping and unrecognizable.

When the Rushdie affair/case popped-out in the 80’s, initiated by those ridiculous old ayatollahs farts – who did not even read the so called “controversial” book The Satanic Verses, I sported the button: I AM SALMAN RUSHDIE, issued by the non-profit Media Alliance in San Francisco. Believe me, there was nothing controversial about this book. It was simply unreadable, unless you were involved with the intimacy of complex life in the divided India where Islam and Hinduism live side by side in constant state of tensions, depending on political and nationalist tendencies.

Rushdie went underground; I went out open – to protest what I deemed as an attack on the freedom of speech. Even then, it has occurred to me that if we would cave in to those illusionary fanatics, they soon will be back asking for more.

Rushdie has become a symbol of how the enemies of our civilization are trying to test our resolve and principles.

At the end, their hot fatwa evaporated and Rushdie is free to show up his bearded face at various literary events again.

Another “soon-to-be-martyr” is the Dutch politician Geert Wilder – clean cut, elegantly dressed fed-up Dutch who has come to the conclusion that something must be done in Holland to stop that arrogant ascent of the Islamic medievalists who came to Holland to ruin the country.

The last straw for Wilder and many Dutch citizens were open murders of his friends, first a politician Pim Fortuyn in 2002, followed by a filmmaker Theo van Gogh in 2004 by Moslem fanatics on the streets of Amsterdam during the daylight. Until then Wilder like many Dutch people was traditionally tolerant of the influx of refugees from various countries, mainly Middle East and North Africa. But soon this attitude started to wear thin. Once on Dutch soil the hordes of illiterate emigrants instead of integration were rather seeking isolation, claiming that it is in accordance with their holy book and Shuria law.

Holland had been traditionally a beacon of hope in Europe historically galvanized and brutalized by countless religious conflicts.

Even our famous Czech-born pedagogue John Amos Comenius got his political asylum in benevolent Holland in the city of Rotterdam in the 16th Century.

Many Dutch were more courageous then the rest of Europe, facing the Nazi occupation of their land. True, they had their Quislings too; however, many risk their lives to save their endangered Jewish neighbors.

The Dutch had truly learned from their history and consequently developed higher social and cultural awareness in order to improve their lives as well as their “guests.”

Go figure, if one left their countries due to the religious persecution, we would assume that such a person/s would seek the way out of it and not to try to force their twisted belief system onto a tolerant society. This is what is occurring right now in Holland and other Western countries.

The hordes of uneducated, confused, frustrated, aggressive, intolerant people descended on relatively decent society that at first reacted with bewildered approach.

The whole situation is out of control and Wilder has correctly analyzed the real danger to the Dutch society, its culture, customs, integrity, and most of all its readiness to help the needy.

Wilder is now under 24-hour police protection. Misguided “guardians” of PC dictatorship are violating his citizen’s and political rights. This paradox is rather tragic-comic. Here is someone who dares to speak up against the grave danger facing Holland and Western Europe and his life is being threatened by those who freely roam the streets of European capitals ready to become active cells of future terrorist attacks.

Many Moslems and their supporters have repeatedly prevented Wilder from attending various events because the manipulators behind the scene are soiling their pants in fear of the outburst of expected violence.

The appeasement doesn’t work – see 1938 events. Either you pin-point the danger in its nascent form or you going to pay heavy price no one can afford.

It is time to stand up to the destroyers of our hard-fought, complex civilization.

We shouldn’t allow them to dictate us their way of life – just as we are not telling them how should they live back home. They should go back where they came from. There they would be able to practice their twisted Shuria law and other forms of religious voodoo.

Therefore, I decided to wear a T-shirt with Wilder’s face on it, saying: “I SUPPORT THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!” that has been printed by Eurabia.cz.

I really do.

NYC, October ‘10