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Speech Geert Wilders, Melbourne, Australia, Tuesday February 19, 2013

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In my country, the Netherlands, 56 percent of the population see Islam as the biggest threat to our national identity. In Britain, a survey last month showed that the public regard immigration as the biggest issue facing British society. In Germany, 64 percent hold that Islam is violent and 70 percent that it is fanatical. In France, 74 percent are convinced that Islam is intolerant and not compatible with French society.

Autor: Geert Wilders | Publikováno: 21.2.2013 | English | 4047 čtenářů

Řeč Roberta Spencera pro mítink s Geertem Wildersem v Berlíně

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Řeč Roberta Spencera pro mítink s Geertem Wildersem v Berlíně Ze sobotního mítinku s Geertem Wildersem v Berlíně se kvůli nemoci omluvil jeden z významných řečníků – americký religionista Robert Spencer. Poslal nicméně svou řeč ke zveřejnění. Tak jako němečtí účastníci, i Vy máte možnost si Spencerovo poselství přečíst v anglickém jazyce:

Autor: Robert Spencer | Publikováno: 12.9.2011 | English | 4105 čtenářů

Speech Geert Wilders, Tel Aviv, 5 December 2010

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Because it is here that our civilization is under attack as we speak. It is here that we, men and women of the West, must show our resolve to defend ourselves. It is here that Israel has lit the light of freedom and that Europeans and Americans must help the Israelis to keep that light shining in the darkness. For Israel’s sake and for the sake of all of us.

Autor: Geert Wilders | Publikováno: 7.12.2010 | English | 4141 čtenářů

Better mad than islamized? You bet!

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Today’s Europe and the world are being haunted by neo-old violent conflict – stupidity vs. common sense. While some people consider stupidity an evolutionary gift that allowed us to survive at all odds – many still believe – it is not an option. Despite all those smoke signals, mainly from the apostates of Islam, some folks stubbornly insist that this so called religion could be quite amicable if handle with care and left alone.

Autor: Gabriel A. Levicky | Publikováno: 26.10.2010 | English | 3121 čtenářů

Vykoupení svědomí Wildersem

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V poslední době jsme svědky frašky v přímém přenosu: politik, který nahlas říká, co si myslí ve shodě se značnou částí Evropanů, stanul před soudem v Amsterodamu. Má zde padnout verdikt o jeho výrocích a postojích; zda se dotýkají skutkové podstaty rasové nenávisti. Zdá se, že o výsledku je předem rozhodnuto.

Autor: David Vorovka | Publikováno: 17.10.2010 | English | 3591 čtenářů
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Wilders and Rushdie

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Rushdie has become a symbol of how the enemies of our civilization are trying to test our resolve and principles. At the end, their hot fatwa evaporated and Rushdie is free to show up his bearded face at various literary events again.

Autor: Gabriel A. Levicky | Publikováno: 17.10.2010 | English | 2987 čtenářů

Tear Down This Wall! Geert Wilders’ Speech In Berlin On 2 October 2010

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My friends, when Ronald Reagan came to a divided Berlin 23 years ago he uttered the historic words “Mister Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” President Reagan was not an appeaser, but a man who spoke the truth because he loved freedom. Today, we, too, must tear down a wall. It is not a wall of concrete, but of denial and ignorance about the real nature of Islam. The International Freedom Alliance aims to coordinate and stimulate these efforts.

Autor: Geert Wilders | Publikováno: 3.10.2010 | English | 3519 čtenářů

Dispatches From Berlin

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A number of representatives of the Counterjihad Collective (including several members of ICLA) attended today’s events in Berlin. The occasion was a speech by Geert Wilders to a group of about five hundred people, sponsored by René Stadtkewitz and his new political party, Die Freiheit.

Autor: Baron Bodissey | Publikováno: 3.10.2010 | English | 2724 čtenářů

Islamophobia? You bet…head on – IF YOU STILL HAVE ONE…

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There is so much happening recently that it could spin off your head (before loosing it (a la Daniel Pearl way). Let’s face it –if you want to talk honestly about Islam, either as a layman interested in the subject or a professional academician – you have to constantly look behind for a lurking potential idiot who wants to die with you for the glory and guts of his lord (usually elevated so high that no one is sure where he/she is…).

Autor: Gabriel A. Levicky | Publikováno: 21.9.2010 | English | 3394 čtenářů

The Anti-Fascist

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At a time when President Obama insists that the most pressing threat facing America is the growing cost of health care, a recent speech in Britain's House of Lords by Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders is a salutary reminder of what is really endangering us all: The rising tide of Islamic supremacism codified by authoritative Islam in the brutally repressive law of Shariah - the law of Saudi Arabia and Iran among other Islamic states.

Autor: Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. | Publikováno: 28.3.2010 | English | 3603 čtenářů

VIDEO: Ban the Koran? Geert Wilders speaks out on his radical views

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Far right Dutch politician Geert Wilders has screened his anti-Islamic film to Britain's most senior lawmakers. The movie compares The Koran to Hitler's autobiography 'Mein Kampf', sparking widespread outrage. RT's Laura Emmett caught up with him, to find out why he thinks his calls to ban the Koran correspond with the ideology of free speech.

Autor: Redakce | Publikováno: 23.3.2010 | English | 3023 čtenářů

Wilders Wins Big in Dutch Elections

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How do you say "Reconquista" in Dutch? Anyway, so it begins in Almere, the Netherlands, where Geert Wilders's PVV party looks like the Big Winner in yesterday's munipal elections, also coming in second in The Hague. Best news in a long time.

Autor: Diana West | Publikováno: 5.3.2010 | English | 3414 čtenářů

The Wilders Trial and the Future of Freedom

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I cannot overestimate the epochal importance of the court proceeding taking place next Wednesday the 20th in the Netherlands where Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders goes on trial for an array of charges that arises from his courageous and increasingly successful efforts to lead his countrymen against the Islamization of their country and the wider West.

Autor: Diana West | Publikováno: 18.1.2010 | English | 3897 čtenářů

Czech Cardinal: Europe Will Soon Fall (Israel News)

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(IsraelNN.com) The Cardinal of the Czech Republic, Miloslav Vick, is concerned about the fate of Christianity in Europe. He argues that Europe must return to its roots, if not the fate of the continent will be to become Islamic.

Autor: Odjinud | Publikováno: 11.1.2010 | English | 3905 čtenářů

All Not Quiet on the European Front: Filip Dewinter Fights On

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As readers of this site well know, the Flemish politician Filip Dewinter of the Vlaams Belang party in Belgium is one of the great heroes of the movement to stop the Islamization of Europe. Thanks to Gates of Vienna, here is an English translation of Filip Dewinter's latest speech. It is, as I'm sure they don't say in Dutch, a barn-barner.

Autor: Diana West | Publikováno: 10.12.2009 | English | 3668 čtenářů

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