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Better mad than islamized? You bet!

Autor: Gabriel A. Levicky | Publikováno: 26.10.2010 | Rubrika: English

Today’s Europe and the world are being haunted by neo-old violent conflict – stupidity vs. common sense.

While some people consider stupidity an evolutionary gift that allowed us to survive at all odds – many still believe – it is not an option.

Despite all those smoke signals, mainly from the apostates of Islam, some folks stubbornly insist that this so called religion could be quite amicable if handle with care and left alone.

That is a mistake and stupidity n. 1.

Repeat after me: Islam is not a religion but a violent, political hostile ideology – similar to fascism and Communism and should be treated as such.

From all other internal and external indications, it is obvious that this human made cancer has no cure in face of cowardly attitude of some leaders and politicians.

Sure, one can argue – what about other religions?  Within the span of, let’s say 50 years, I’ve not heard of any terrorist, fanatical effort to alter our life, based on neither Judaism nor Christianity, not to mention Buddhism.

Moreover, every day – either in the TV, radio or in the printed media we come across terrifying news of barbaric, terrorist crimes committed by the adherents of so called religion.  Not only they intend to kill kefirs (non-believers) such as me but also they are also busy killing their own Moslems if they happened to be on the “wrong side” of this religion.

The PC camp keeps insisting that we all should adhere to civility and law regardless of actions.

This is a mistake and stupidity n. 2.

Any superficial student of history soon discovers its own limitation when it comes to “statistics.”  It is insanely pathetic how some apologists go the length to defend Islam as if it was a frivolous matter.  I would like to know how many of these people would like to exchange their position with countless victims of vicious Islam in action.

When I lived and suffered under the Communism, I often wondered how come while we were behind the rusting Iron Curtain with no perspective of any improvement – some apologists of the Red East (usually from the West), could easily travel, spent extended period in the Communist government provided hotels with additional perks – with no guilt feelings.

Speaking of guilt and lack of ethics – the essential pillars of any faith - which should stress admiration, and respect of life.

Where do we see this concept?  In beheading, stoning, burning books, destroying monuments belonging to all humanity, killing, torturing, splashing the acid into victim’s face, family honor killings, violent, brutal, and damaging female circumcision?

You tell me.

While here and there we can hear mild response from Islam’s own circles, there is no firm, resolute condemnation of these crimes against humanity.

So I say, better mad than Islamized! Stop defending the criminals in face of the true aspects of this so called religion.
I am fed up with double standard when it comes to terror and crimes, usually committed by the adherents of Islam.  It is time to name things as they truly are and not as they appear to be.

Otherwise, our resolve and justice would become a mockery of our own willingness to protect and defend our civilization.

PS: I’ve almost forgotten to include this ridiculous war in Afghanistan – a mistake and stupidity n. 3.

In my early satirical writings after 9/11, named Jews For Jihad (see my blog), I’ve predicted almost to every detail the futility and idiocy to initiate classical war against the ancient tribal warfare, constantly switching sides in the hostile, mountainous environment.

Have you read the latest news?  Karzai and NATO are considering talking to the Taliban.

Talking to the Taliban after a few thousands dead young boys from every corner of America?  What were they and are fighting and dying for?  For those clowns in Armani suits?  What about sending all those schmucks who got us into this mess at the first place to the front to face a real enemy (besides the stinking Taliban running out of perfume)?

You can’t defeat stupidity by adding extra stupidity!

What a mess! Repeat after me…

NYC October 2010

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