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Islamophobia? You bet…head on – IF YOU STILL HAVE ONE…

Autor: Gabriel A. Levicky | Publikováno: 21.9.2010 | Rubrika: English

There is so much happening recently that it could spin off your head (before loosing it (a la Daniel Pearl way).  Let’s face it –if you want to talk honestly about Islam, either as a layman interested in the subject or a professional academician – you have to constantly look behind for a lurking potential idiot who wants to die with you for the glory and guts of his lord (usually elevated so high that no one is sure where he/she is…). 

All kind of things are subscribed to this lord – not only he can do many so called miracles (usually when nobody is around) – but also we have to remember a lot of these references are generally result of careless and/or bad translation from the original source, whatever it might be. 

A lot has been said and imagined about the concepts of virgins awaiting heroic assholes that not only blew themselves up to smithereens but have also taken with them the whole neighborhoods.  Now, their lord must have some kind of twisted sense of humor for it is in direct contradiction what the texts of every holy book seem to suggest. 

From the general study of history, we know that nothing could be created in vacuum – things, events, concepts are interrelated in sort of chaotic, natural way.  Call whatever you want but that is the story of us – humans. No book-like life manual is able to give us so called right direction, a sort of spiritual GPS, unless we try the concept of right and wrong ourselves.  It is quite simple and straightforward – live and let live – but here in its simplicity lays genuine paradox of our species.  The more prophetic and promising these concepts are, the more they are violated and trespassed by bunch of freaks and fanatics trying to roam it down our throats (when a head is still attached to our bodies). 

Give me that ol’religion?  But exactly what have had these folks in mind? The promise of better life somewhere up there since their life on earth was miserable, courtesy of us – imperfect humans?  What attracts so many people to this sort of magic promise? Sure, life is hard and sometimes senseless with death dancing around us since the day we are born.  For those of us who can clearly understand the concept of preciousness of life, it is quite simple – no one has the right to shorten other person life span – whether it is a priest, politician, pervert, populist, etc….But our history is full of this bloody soups where a group of few sitting around it decides the fate of so many generally with catastrophic consequences. 

OK, the world of antiquity collapsed since it ran out of its initial drive and energy.  It was slowly and surely devouring itself from the tail on. Judaism and Christianity were attempts to bring some sensible order to this chaotic and traumatic rollercoaster – except both related concepts have had severe preconditions of joining their rather austere and sometimes counterproductive ideas. To the pagan world – that actually called them the ‘atheists’ –  it was rather hilarious calling a mortal son of god even though in the Greek legends there are many references to such creatures – Hercules, for example. The Jews were considered the most obstinate from all “atheists” – not only they were strictly an exclusive elite but they have also invented a series of restrictive aspects of life, spending half of their productive energy on deciding what is edible based on their laws of purity.  This will make even Medusa switching to safer hairdo with less hissing. 

Hellenization of Israel did not go well since the good times of Alexander the Great.  For some strange reasons, the Jews stubbornly refused to accept visibly superior way of life. Even some of their rulers leaning towards Greek way of life (Herod) were careful not to upset these religious hardheads. When the Romans stepped in with their straightforward military attitudes, brutality and arrogance (how can anyone resist openly superior Roman civilization?), the Jews rebelled even more openly and eventually speed up the destruction of their centralized religion and independence, thus creating the first incentive of Jewish absurd humor worldwide.

But the worst of all human mistakes was the birth of Islam.  Countless Arab tribes were constantly engaged in tribal warfare until the point of exhaustion. They had worshipped anything that moved and threatened.  In the hot and cold vulnerable desert lifestyle all this made some sense. The nearest inspirations were Jews and Christians – who tend to look down on these wild and disorganized desert people.  However this didn’t prevent a copycat Mohamed to realize that without centralized, organized, and controlled religion those tribes will quarrel forever, becoming an easy prey for any invader.  So he embarked on truly spectacular quest for knowledge stealing right and left – from Judaism and Christianity and included many aspects of local tribal deity, including local female tri-goddesses al-Lat, al-Uzza, and Manat (probably influence of the Semitic Babylonian goddess Ishtar) that made monotheistic fanatical, puppet editors of Koran very surprised and upset so they call it the Satanic Verses.  Yes, folks, the Devil is very convenient – you just employ him whenever you need it. 

Obviously, Mohamed created his own, personal myth – that actually wasn’t that original – all eastern leaders “suffered” from comparison to their popular heroes’ gods.  God is dead, long live god! In this case, an uneducated, unsuccessful and horny young dreamer had uncanny ability to induce visions (obviously stolen from all influences) of having direct contact with almighty (again when no one was around), with help of that wingy fellow archangel Gabriel (probably a version of mythical winged creatures guarding Assyrian royal residences).

When Mohamed wasn’t dreaming in his favorite cave, he was keenly observing the world around and meantime noticed, spotted many attractive underage females who were obviously oblivious to this strange fellow, claiming he is their prophet too in a polygamist sort of way.  His rich girlfriend, conveniently widowed married this smart fellow and made him her camel chauffer. Mohie soon got worse – god was running out of script and probably out of patience. Monotheist but polygamist Mohie meantime gain some solid grounds and managed to convinced loyals around him to increase their falling budget by attacking nearby Mecca full of rich merchants – both Arab and Jewish – who obviously looked down on this young, noisy upstart. As far as they were concerned, he was a nuisance.  This was their fatal mistake that has forever changed the world. 

Instead of hunting him down and finish the whole affair at its conception (proof of the lack of unorthodox visionary approach of old farts), they were contemptuous and at ease – a camel driver and a threat?! Soon it was too late and too obvious. Meccans failed to solve this issue of a fanatic in their backyard and upon seeing and sensing an easy prey, all nearby tribes descended on the rich. 

First thing Mohamed did was to besieged rich Jewish tribes such as Banu Qurayza around Mecca and after victorious battle massacred 600 of them!  The rest had converted.

In this so called peaceful Koran, some Jews are sometimes referred as apes and swine – sura 5.63 (Ibn Warraq).

So this mass murderer and children abuser/molester (Aisha was only 9 years old when he “married” her), was now at the head of formidable force not to be taken lightly. 

So what are we talking about here?  Islam as a peaceful religion and philosophy?  Where did you/they get it from?

The recent events all around the world making the primitive fanatics famous for 15 minutes have just proved otherwise.  It is not about whether Islam is dangerous, it is more about the proven facts that it contains insane point of view.  Those who dare to write critically or skeptically about it are threatened with Holocaust by brainwashed hordes who don’t even read Arabic; they only memorize patched text of Koran. 

So who wants to teach us about the tolerance, peaceful solution, dialogue, interfaith relations?

Perhaps these religious freaks that has so many times changed the philosophical and ethical landscape of our common human experience – to live and let live?  I wouldn’t trust one henna colored hair from their beards...

Who can really stop them? Nobody, except themselves by rebuking this idiotic religious believe system claiming that we are less and they are more and sometimes we deserve to die – sura 8.12: “I will instill terror into the heart of the Infidels, strike off their heads then strike off from them every fingertip.”  (Ibn Warraq).

New York, September, 2010 

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