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Counterjihad Brussels 2007: Country Report - Sweden

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The Islamization in Sweden is on the whole not very advanced. There are Muslim enclaves in the suburbs of major cities, especially Malmö, Stockholm and Göteborg, but other than women getting compensated for not being hired because of their hijab, there have been few overt attempts at introducing sharia law into Sweden, or conforming Swedish law to sharia law. The most obvious example was an attempt by Mahmoud Aldebe, leader of a Muslim organization with a membership of 70 000, to adapt Swedish law to sharia. This attempt was made last year, and was thouroughly dismissed by all political parties.


The main points were that Muslims need special laws protecting their religious freedoms. The laws that needed the most attention were, according to Aldebe, laws governing marriage, divorce, child protection, and raising underage children. Mosques were to be granted the same status as churches. As Aldebe stated, ”A mosque in every city or county would have significant value to the Muslims of the country.” He also lobbied for the creation of interest free loans, the establishment of Islamic private schools, segregated physical education in public schools, acknowledgement of Muslim holidays and time off for prayers, halal butchery, Islamic burial grounds, and a program to educate Swedish imams. These measures were denounced in the media, and Aldebe faced a considerable public backlash. However, he remains as the head of his organization, and is continuing to quietly lobby for separate laws for Muslims.

The most obvious Islamist attack on Sweden, has been the recent cartoon controversy concerning a caricature of Muhammed as a dog, drawn by Swedish artist Lars Vilks. What happened during this crisis illustrates how far the Islamization of Sweden has gone, and how Swedes are reacting to it. The cartoons were denounced by Swedish Muslims, and later on a reward for killing Lars Vilks and the editor of the magazine which published the cartoon was offered by al-Qaida in Iraq.

Our prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, declined to comment on the threats for a long while, and then issued a statement that he ”Thought just like the Muslim representatives who I have listened to today. We shall remain calm, and deny those who call for violence and keep the extremists from worsening the situation.”


About 20 ambassadors were later invited to a meeting with Reinfeldt. The press was not allowed to attend. Ambassadors from Egypt, Algeria, Pakistan and Indonesia attended. The Egyptian ambassador stated that ”We want to see action, there is a need for laws to be changed so that this will not happen again. Muslims need the protection of the law against defamation of the prophet Muhammed, like the protection that Jews and gays have. There is also a need for a government office to be established to work against Islamophobia.”


Arabic media then reported that a Swedish ambassador had apologized for the publication, but this was difficult to confirm from Swedish sources.


The cartoon was condemned by the Muslim World League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference.


The Iranian regime stated that the cartoon was ”an sacrilege to religious sentiments of over one billion Muslims throughout the world”, and that it ”might be masterminded by some groups who seek to mar ties between Sweden and other Muslim states”, by which he presumably meant Sionists.


One Swedish Muslim organization, the Swedish Muslim League (Sveriges muslimska förbund), tried to prosecute Vilks on hate crime charges. This organization is headed by Mahmoud Aldebe, who in 2006 demanded the introduction of sharia law.


An imam based in Gothenburg demanded that the publication should be seen as a crime, since the ”denigration of all Muslims, including the prophet of Islam”, should be seen as ”a crime, even a greater crime since a quarter of the world’s population believes in these prophets!”


There were also grass roots protests, including one where 300 Muslim university students mounted a demonstration, demanding that the ”publication must cease”.


A Muslim website, Noorislam.net, wrote a protest against ”increased acceptance of intolerance towards Muslims”. In the statement they compared Muslims to the Jews in the 30’s, and warned that the Islamophobia of today could ”turn into a conflagration tomorrow”.


One Bosnian Muslim woman threatened to kill Vilks, and received a monetary fine for doing so.


A fatwa was then issued by the European Council for Fatwa and Research (led by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who supports terror against Israelis) which was said to condemn the threats by al-Qaida. The fatwa turned out to be a list of demands for blasphemy laws and other ways of preventing ”Islamophobia”. Swedish media, however, reported it simply as a fatwa from moderate Muslims who genuinely condemned Muslim violence.


Some prominent Swedes defended the Muslims and criticized the right to free speech, stating that it should be used carefully, so as not to offend anyone. One such writer was Pierre Schori, Sweden’s former ambassador to the United Nations.


Fortunately, a surprising amount of individuals and organizations defended Vilks and the right to free speech, and were clearly disturbed and outraged by the threats against him. Those who did so include Per Gudmundson, PJ Anders Linder, and Paula Neuding, columnists at Svenska dagbladet; Lars Adaktusson, a prominent journalist; Per Bauhn, a professor of philosophy; The Swedish Artists’ National Organization; Mani Aryamand, the secretary of Marze Por Gohar, an Iranian secularist party; and Johan Pehrson, a member of parliament (Folkpartiet).









A famous gay Swedish writer, Jonas Gardell, criticized ”extreme Muslims” for being intolerant.


A seminar was later arranged by the Swedish members of the Zentralrat der Ex-Muslime. The Q&A session after the seminar was interrupted by Muslims who uttered a threat in Arabic towards Vilks. They had not participated in the seminar.


In conclusion, I have to say that the Islamization of Sweden has not progressed to a degree where it has become difficult to stop. A lot of people are reacting to it, and joining the struggle. The Vilks cartoon controversy has helped enormously in this regard. However, the only real political force dedicated to countering Islamization, is the Swedish Democratic party (Sverigedemokraterna). They are leading the political struggle against Islamization.

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